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PYP Mathotix 6

PYP Mathotix 6

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ISBN 9780958712811

Mathotix workbooks are a pair of resources. Each relates to a particular age range, however, teachers are encouraged to use these resources as both remedial and extension activities.

The Mathotix workbooks can be purchased by teachers as a valuable resource or class sets can be purchased by schools. They can be used as classwork, homework or for assessment purposes.

Key features of the Mathotix Workbooks are:

  • Each book has 32 double-sided topic-based worksheets.
  • Basic curriculum areas are covered.
  • A variety of questions that include skills practice, worded problems, practical applications and challenging problems.
  • Worksheets are perforated
  • Complimentary answer booklets are supplied to schools purchasing class sets.

Please note: this is for a pack of 5 x Mathotix 6. Books are not sold individually.

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