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Problemathicals PYP (PDF)

Problemathicals PYP (PDF)

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ISBN 9781921917998

Problemathicals contains Sets of Word Problems based on the four operations and includes practice with Time, Capacity, Money,  Length and Mass.

There are 40 Sets with 15 problems in each Set, progressing in difficulty. Emphasis should be on the correct setting out of Maths problems, even the simplest, so that students learn not to use scap paper for their ‘working out’, but instead record accurately both their thought processes and their computations. 

The original publication was from our experienced author Len Vincent. His work has recently been upgraded and revamped. Len was a highly experienced teacher and author who was dedicated to the education of the young.

This Resource is sold as a ‘Copy Master’ for unlimited use within the purchasing school and is priced as such. It will be delivered digitally and watermarked and protected for each school purchasing.

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