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Prime Bites A : 5 - 7 years (PDF)

Prime Bites A : 5 - 7 years (PDF)

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ISBN 9781876659318

Prime Bites is a series of 5 electronic Maths Bites, A to E, covering an age range of 5 to 12 years approximately. Prime Bites A is recommended for approx age range 5 - 7 years.

Each Bite contains 36 Units and each Unit contains a section of Word Problems, a Logic Puzzle and some Skills Practice. There is a comprehensive set of Answers for each Bite.

The Bites can be bought individually, however, choosing the entire series will provide teachers with material for their entire class especially when such classes are multi-ability.

This Resource is sold as a ‘Copy Master’ for unlimited use within the purchasing school and is priced as such. It will be delivered digitally and watermarked and protected for each school purchasing.

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