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Business Management Answer Book for 5th Edition (eBook)

Business Management Answer Book for 5th Edition (eBook)

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ISBN 9781921917844

Paul Hoang

This is a full colour supplement to the 5th edition of Paul Hoang’s popular Business and Management text (released 2022), with revised and updated content throughout to match the new course. This outstanding resource should prove to be a valuable accompaniment to the text.

The Business Management Answer Book contains detailed responses to the exam-style questions posed in the grey boxes of the main text – along with the marking scheme that is likely to be applied.

The REVIEW QUESTIONS in the textbook are a series of pointers indicating the KEY TERMS referred to. Together, these are a useful ‘quick check’ of what has been covered and can be extremely helpful when consolidating and revising.

It is a full colour E-Book accessed through the Box of Books digital reader system and can be used both online and offline.

Customer Feedback on Paul Hoang's previous editions of Business Management

"Can I just start off by saying that you are my idol! Your chapter on marketing in the business management textbook for IB students inspired me to pursue marketing in my future studies... I would really like to thank you for putting all your effort into this book and giving us IB students a very clear and helpful book. I would not have been able to get through this BM course without your in depth explanations and up-to-date and relatable examples. This book has also helped us understand concepts easily. I really appreciate you for being an inspiration to us young students and helping us realize our dreams"

"We studied using your book of Business Management for our IB Business Management HL class. The book was our friend and companion during nights of insomnia as it guided us in our IA and EE papers. I majored in business in university and now and just wanted to say - your book has helped us tremendously and prepared me for my current work and studying. Thank you for your contribution to our academic success. We hope you continue to motivate future students with your exceptional works. I absolutely love your book and the kind of solutions it provides, and I was thrilled with the impact that this book has made on me and my life."

** This is the eBook version of Business Management 5th Edition and is accessed both online and offline through the Box of Books digital reader system. Please note, it is sold as a single user licence and no physical book will be shipped ** 

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