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MYP Mathattack 09

MYP Mathattack 09

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ISBN 9780958712842

Mathattacks are a series of four sets of resources designed for students in the age range 12 to 15.

Each relates to a particular age group, however, teachers are encouraged to use these resources as both remedial and extension activities. The topic-based homework program is written by experienced mathematics teachers and may be used with any textbook.

These units are presented as booklets. The pages are scored so that each can be torn out and distributed to students as extension, homework, additional practice, etc. They are not photocopyable masters, are priced as such.

Key features are:

  • Mathattack worksheets stimulate and challenge students.

  • Each Student workbooks comprise 39 individually designed worksheets

  • Each double-sided worksheet revises approximately one week of your mathematics syllabus.

  • Questions are graded and provide considerable variety, including examples in skills building, practical applications and problem solving.

  • Worksheets are versatile - use for homework, class lessons, tests or revision.

Please note: this is for a pack of 5 x Mathattack 9. Books are not sold individually.

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