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IB Physics Internal Assessment Handbook (4th Edition PDF)

IB Physics Internal Assessment Handbook (4th Edition PDF)

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ISBN 9780992522469EL

Cesar Reyes and Chris Talbot

In the fourth edition of this series, the authors (Cesar Reyes and Chris Talbot) have explained and exemplified the five specified IB Internal Assessment Criteria and included other chapters on topics that are relevant to IA. These topics include the use of ICT, the Extended Essay, the Group 4 Project and a Glossary of Terms. A file containing Sample Pages, including the Table of Contents, is available for your information as a free download from this site.

This Resource is sold as a ‘Copy Master’ for unlimited use within the purchasing school and is priced as such. It is available both as full colour paper copies, shrink wrapped in a cardboard folder or delivered to your school as a secure pdf file.

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