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History of the Americas

History of the Americas

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ISBN 9781876659769

Giles Pope, Sonja Engelfriet, Philip Benson

History of the Americas: From Independence to the Twentieth Century has six Sections, one for each of the first half of the IBDP History HL Option 3 ‘Aspects of the History of the Americas’.

The Sections of the book are:

  1. Independence Movements,
  2. Nation-Building and Challenges,
  3. The United States Civil War: causes, course and effects 1840-1877,
  4. The Development of Modern Nations 1865-1929,
  5. The Emergence of the Americas in Global Affairs 1880-1929,
  6. The Mexican Revolution 1910-1940.

This book is designed to give students a course book which satifies the requirements of this part of the IBDP History syllabus.

The content of the syllabus for the USA, Canada and Latin America is followed very closely at the appropriate level and a wealth of useful primary source activities – based on texts, photos and cartoons – has also been included. Each Section of the book finishes with a number of exam-type questions for use in tests and a list of recommended books and Web sources for possible further reading. The text is designed to be fully accessible to non-native speakers of English.

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