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Design and Techology 2nd Edition

Design and Techology 2nd Edition

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ISBN 9781876659196

Peter Metcalfe, Roger Metcalfe

This is the second edition of this popular text supporting students and teachers of the IB Design & Technology course (Core and AHL).

Closely following the IB Design & Technology syllabus, the book contains hundreds of photographs and is extensively illustrated to enhance the understanding of key concepts.

Case studies based on contemporary design innovations and historic design icons are distributed throughout. Every chapter provides references for topic specific further reading, worked examples and student review exercises in the form of sample questions.

Theory of Knowledge and International Mindedness perspectives are integrated into every topic with research guides, examples and exercises provided to enhance student learning.

The authors have considerable experience in the fields of design education (secondary and tertiary), as well as heavy industry. Peter has over 30 years of teaching experience, many of these as Head of Design faculties in Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States. Roger has over 35 years in failure analysis, quality control and project management. The majority of the photomicrographs in this book come from Roger’s personal collection.

Please Note: A free ebook supplement is available from the iTunes bookstore. Use the search text ‘IBID Press’ to find it. 


The Theory of Knowledge questions on p164 and p249 should read:

 p164 "The increased dependency on automation and robots has affected craftmanship.  How has technology affected traditional ways of knowing?"

 p249 "Eco-warriors sometimes break laws to express their views. Does the rghtness or wrongness of an action depend on the situation?"

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