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Business Management 5th Edition eBook

Business Management 5th Edition eBook

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ISBN 9781921917868

Paul Hoang

This is the fifth edition of Paul Hoang’s bestselling textbook, covering the entire IB Diploma Programme specifications in Business Management (first exams 2024) in a critical and holistic way:

  • Full colour.
  • Addresses all aspects of the course (first teaching 2022)
  • Over:
    • 230 exam-style questions
    • 740 key terms identified and defined
    • 110 examination tips
    • 145 Theory of Knowledge questions
    • 60 ATL Activities
    • 40 exam mistakes to avoid.
  • Coverage of the Business Management Toolkit (BMT), with 40 exam practice questions.
  • Chapter review questions.
  • Assessment advice.
  • Integration of key conceptual themes, including advice for the new Internal  Assessment (HL and SL).    

** This is the eBook version of Business Management 5th Edition and is accessed both online and offline through the Box of Books digital reader system. Please note, it is sold as a single user licence and no physical book will be shipped ** 

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    Customer Feedback 

    • “Congratulations Paul! Your textbooks are the best. ” - Tim Woods, Founder of IBMastery
    • "The best textbook since its launch in 2007. Every edition, including this one, has something more to delight the learning experience." - Dr. Rima Puri, Author, Team Leader, and Senior Examiner
    • "You're the definitive author(ity) on this subject matter Paul. This new edition is outstanding! Keep doing the awesome things you do." - Fabrice Vanegas, Educator and Google Workspace expert
    • "Just received the 5th Edition e-book version - looks absolutely awesome! This will be invaluable for students.” 
    • "We studied using your book of Business Management for our IB Business Management HL class. The book was our friend and companion during nights of insomnia as it guided us in our IA and EE papers. I majored in business in university and now and just wanted to say - your book has helped us tremendously and prepared me for my current work and studying. Thank you for your contribution to our academic success. We hope you continue to motivate future students with your exceptional works. I absolutely love your book and the kind of solutions it provides, and I was thrilled with the impact that this book has made on me and my life."
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