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BUNDLE ALL Prime Bites, Problematicals, Five Minute Games (PDF)

BUNDLE ALL Prime Bites, Problematicals, Five Minute Games (PDF)

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ISBN 9781921917943

BUNDLE AND SAVE: Bundle all 8 products in our Series: Prime Bites A, B, C, D and E, Problematicals MYP and PYP and Five Minute Games

Prime Bites is a series of 5 electronic Maths Bites, A to E, covering an age range of 5 to 11 years approximately. 

Each Bite contains 36 Units and each Unit contains a section of Word Problems, a Logic Puzzle and some Skills Practice. There is a comprehensive set of Answers for each Bite.

Problemathicals contains Sets of Word Problems based on the four operations and includes practice with Time, Capacity, Money,  Length and Mass.

There are 40 Sets with 15 problems in each Set, progressing in difficulty. Emphasis should be on the correct setting out of Maths problems, even the simplest, so that students learn not to use scap paper for their ‘working out’, but instead record accurately both their thought processes and their computations. 

Five Minute Games is a set of 24 fun activities aimed at developing skills and, most importantly, strategies

This Resource is sold as a ‘Copy Master’ for unlimited use within the purchasing school and is priced as such. It will be delivered digitally and watermarked and protected for each school purchasing.

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