John Green

  • Name: John Green
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • School: Li Po Chun United World College
  • Subject Area: Chemistry

John has been involved with the IB since joining Kristin School, New Zealand, in 1987, after extensive teaching experience in the U.K. at Repton and Manchester Grammar School. There, as IB coordinator, he was responsible for the inroduction of the IB into the school, the first in New Zealand to offer the programme. John is involved in IB Chemistry as an assistant examiner at HL and previously at SL, as a setter of examination questions and, under the previous programme, he was overall moderator for the SL practical programme. In this role he was involved in a small way with the production of the new syllabus. At various times John has been present at both Chemistry and Final Grade Award meetings and has previously run a number of workshops in the region. John also teaches Theory of Knowledge and is an assessor for the course. In 1996 John moved to Hong Kong where he is currently Director of Studies at the Li Po Chun United World College.

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