Deborah James

  • Name: Deborah James
  • Location: Paris
  • School: Ecole Active Bilingue
  • Subject Area: Biology
Deborah James BSc (Chemistry and Zoology) , PGCE, DEST de Biologie en vue des Applications. Paul Billiet and Deborah James are both British teachers at Ecole Active Bilingue who have, together, 29 years of IB teaching experience. Paul is Head of Science in the English speaking classes of Ecole Active Bilingue J.M. in Paris. Both Paul and Deborah have co-authored with other colleagues the writing of books for students following the French national programme in English. Over the past seven years Paul has run several workshops for teachers in different IB regions around the world and has been involved in the development of the current IB Biology programme. Catherine Casalis and Robert Gaurenne are both French teachers who have, together, 28 years of IB teaching experience. Catherine is Head of Science in the French speaking classes of Ecole Active Bilingue J. M. She has also presented in-service training courses for industry and has written pedagogical dossiers for INSERM (the French state's science council). Both Robert and Catherine have been involved in teacher training. Robert is a member of the administrative council of the Palais de la Découverte (the French Science Museum) as well as being on the editorial panel for the museum's journal. He, also, has written articles for La Revue du Palais de la Découverte, l'Encyclopédie Actuel and for the French Ministry of Education.
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