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3rd Edition English B

Elfreda Hedger

This is the third edition of the popular IB Diploma English B textbook. Here, students and teachers will find a variety of culturally-diverse literary and non-literary resources.

The material is stimulating, relevant and interesting. Intended to foster students' learning as inquirers and communicators, it will also encourage open-mindedness and further intercultural understanding. The assessment tasks are varied and suited to learning both independently and collaboratively.

Elfreda Hedger is an experienced IB DP English A1 and DP English B teacher. She is also an examiner for English A1HL


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ISBN: 9781921917127

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Commentary Writing

Michael Woolman

Commentary Writing is a step-by-step guide to the challenging task of writing a commentary on an ‘unseen’ passage for the International Baccalaureate Diploma English A1

Examination. Students are guided into an analysis and appreciation of the thoughts and feelings embedded in literary texts, both poetry and prose. They are introduced to the many literary features used in such texts and how these features both help create and reinforce the thoughts and feelings. A final section of the book shows students how to organise and structure their own writing to produce effective commentaries. The first two sections of the book explain and illustrate key literary concepts. Each of these is followed by suggestions for practical work presenting students with opportunities to consolidate their understanding. The final section of the book discusses the ‘Presentation’ and ‘Formal Use of Language’ criteria of the examination. Finally, examples of completed commentaries at both Higher and Standard level, based on both prose and poetry texts, are given. Although written specifically for students of the IB Diploma A1 English programme students preparing for similar examinations based on unseen literary texts will find this book invaluable. Students familiar with Michael’s popular Theory of Knowledge textbook, Ways of Knowing are aware of his relaxed and informal writing style which he uses to explain complex ideas without condescending or over simplifying.


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ISBN: 9781876659721

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English A

Mary Robyn

On Course with English A1 summarises the International Baccalaureate Organization Diploma English A1 Higher Level and Standard Level. This book consolidates the course requirements and their practical application. In addition, it specifies underlying expectations and conventions. Although this text makes particular reference to English A1, most of the content is applicable to other Language A1 courses. On Course for English A1 empowers students to take responsibility to ensure they are meeting all course requirements so their work is not unexpectedly penalised for failing to meet International Baccalaureate criteria.

Please note, however, that new Group 1 courses are on offer from September 2011 (first examinations May 2013) which will replace the Language A1 courses. While On Course with English A1 reinforces students’ learning experiences in the classroom as they enhance their communication (oral and written) and appreciation of literature, the new courses have significantly amended requirements in terms of text selection and assessment tasks including examinations that are not specified in this text


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ISBN: 9781876659691

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English B 2nd Ed

John Green

This new book is the second edition of the highly popular English B textbook written by Elfreda Hedger for use with the IB Diploma Programme English B Higher and Standard level courses.

The textual material is centred on cultural awareness and issues of contemporary concern, drawn from a wide variety of literary and non-literary sources. The book covers all the major areas of study for English B and the topics chosen are relevant, stimulating and of interest to modern day teenagers.

Teachers of IB Diploma Programme English B and English A2 will find this text an invaluable source of ideas, materials and appropriate assessment tasks.


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ISBN: 9781876659783

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Say It Loud Say It Proud!

Megan Crossin

This is a 41 page resource aimed at helping students prepare for the English B oral. The resource contains sections on clear speaking, preparing for the oral and assessment. The complete contents can be downloaded by clicking Further Information below. Please note that this is a blackline master. Purchasers are entitled to copy all or part of the resource for use within their own institution.


ISBN: 1876659920EL

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